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EXIGIS® Launches Specialized Exposure Data Management Software Platform for Public Sector

New York, NY, May 25, 2013 - EXIGIS, LLC. ( www.exigis.com ), the leading provider of risk management, insurance, and trade finance software and services, partnered with the nation’s leading public sector insurance broker to launch RiskWorksPS™ – a risk and insurance workflow automation software suite developed and configured specifically to the unique needs of the public sector. The challenges and complexities of managing risk in the public sector are profoundly different from those in the private sector. RiskWorksPS is the first multi-application cloud-based risk management operating system, purpose-built for the public sector, providing Risk Pools and independent Self- Insureds a central ‘command-and-control’ to easily identify, process, monitor, and manage discreet risk and insurance information across the operation.

“The public sector is faced with an increasingly complex and diverse risk landscape. The idea of utilizing solutions designed for the private sector to manage public sector risks is reminiscent of the round-hole/square-peg adage – it simply won’t work. To optimize efficiency and maximize resource effectiveness, public sector risk managers need solutions designed specifically for their needs,” said Frank McMackin, Director Business Development and Accounts at EXIGIS. RiskWorksPS is configured with four standardized application modules, each focused on a specific function and each complementary to the next: rm.Exposures ® streamlines the collection, validation, and reporting of exposure data and insurance values; rm.Policies ® centralizes the management of insurance programs and

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